Saturday, August 17, 2013


Norman Smeal and Don Jagel at the Hawk's Nest scenic overlook
Photo compliments of Greg Smith
Bottom of Little Gap descent on Day 1
Photo compliment of Len Zawodniak

Dinner at the Halstead Overnight controle
Photo compliments of Michael Wali

Kate Marshall and Victor Urvantsev arrive at the Halstead Overnight Controle
Photo compliments of Michael Wali
Jos Verstegen was one of most prolific photographers, and has some of the nicest shots:
... and here's some pictures of his 800k recovery ride between the Endless Mountains finish and the Granite Anvil start:

Jon Doyle's annotated photo album, with lot's of great shots of the scenery is posted here:

John Pearch also has taken some great shots of the course:

Michael Wali's photo album, with pictures of the start, day 1 and day 2 is posted here:

John Pearch's daughter, Michele, posted some pictures taken at the Virginville controle:

Keith Spangler's photos at the finish:

Chris Nadovich's finisher's photos:

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