Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Volunteers

*** List of Volunteers ***
Tom Rosenbauer (610) 417-7161
Laurent Chambard (201) 290-4700, (Blackberry: 908-370-6478)
Dan Barbasch (607) 342-4564
Jim Bondra (607) 220-4382
Bill Fischer (607)731-2737
Ron and Barb Anderson (609) 731-9894
Keith Spangler 717-602-8166
Don Jagel 484-576-0404
Chris Nadovich 267-218-0418
Eric Keller

*** Thursday 8/16 ***
- Hostel Start evening: Setup, Rider sign-in: Tom, Laurent??

*** Friday 8/17 ***
- Hostel Start morning: Rider sign-in; rider meeting; event start: Tom
- Hostel Start morning: Collect drop bags; transfer supplies to Hallstead: Laurent
- Sweep/Revitalement morning: Laurent
- Sweep/Revitalement afternoon: Laurent
- Sweep/Revitalement evening: Bill
- Hallstead Overnight Controle: Dan, Laurent

*** Saturday 8/18 ***
- Sweep/Revitalement afternoon: Bill
- Sweep/Revitalement evening: Jim
- Lewisburg Overnight Controle: Ron, Barb, Jim
- Transfer drop bags and supplies to Lewisburg: Bill

*** Sunday 8/19 ***
- Sweep/Revitalement 10AM-2PM: Keith Spangler
- Sweep/Revitalement afternoon: Don Jagel
- Return drop bags to hostel: Ron
- Hostel Finish afternoon: Chris
- Hostel Finish evening: Tom

*** Food/Supplies ***
- Hostel start: oatmeal, bagels, fruit, danish
- Hallstead dinner: Tom's meatless lasagna, meatballs
- Hallstead breakfast: provided by hotel
- Lewisburg dinner: Tom's pasta salad, pizza
- Lewisburg breakfast: provided by hotel
- Hostel finish: Chris meatless chili??, bobili pizza

*** Overnight and Start/Finish Controles ***
- Pick up room keys, confirm early breakfast availability
- Large room/suite has been reserved for the volunteer room
- Transfer drop bags to volunteer room (use hotel's baggage cart)
- Setup of message board in lobby
- Use sign-in sheets to record both the arrival and departure time of riders:
- Hallstead has kitchen efficiency for cooking lasagna
- Hotels may ask for actual room assignments (use marked up sign-in sheet)
- Hostel start/finish has very limited cell phone coverage: most cell phones do not work.  There is a remote hand set at the hostel that is available for our use (get this from the house parents: John or GerriAnn).  The hostel phone number is: (215) 536-8749

*** Sweep/Revitalement ***
- Account for all riders at strategic locations
- Report time/position to Tom via text message or phone call
- Have on hand: water, snacks, spare tubes, basic tools, pump, first-aid kit

*** Other Notes ***
- Expenses: use PA Randonneurs debit card or get reimbursed
- Send rider updates to Tom's cell phone (text or voice) or e-mail
- Useful rider updates are the time/position of the first and last riders, and when all riders are in or out of the overnight controles.  This info will be posted on the message board, along with  projected time of arrivals of riders -- this will allow volunteers to adjust their schedules, as needed.
- Rider sign-in sheet is posted here: