Wednesday, September 29, 2010

EM1000k Ride Reports and Pictures (2010 edition)

Photo by Ed Felker

Preliminary results of the EM1000k have been posted on the website. ... please let me know of any corrections or other issues. Results will be submitted to RUSA shortly, and then become final, pending ACP certification.

The 2010 edition had many improvements over past events, one of which was the superb weather which has been in short supply this summer. I did get a few comments about busy roads on certain sections -- clearly, some new traffic patterns have developed over the past year. Unfortunately, a big change has been all the trucks for the gas fracking going on in the northeast that has impacted a very wide area. While the truck traffic was especially bad between Towanda and Canton, it really was the safer alternative due to the poor road surface on the side road previously used on past editions -- the road cuts I saw on the scouting trip would most likely have caused some crashes, due to the soft gravel fill that was hidden by shadows at the botoom of some of the descents. The good news is, that road is scheduled for a resurfacing by the end of the year. So that section, along with some other high traffic areas, will be some route tweaks we'll look at for next time.
Special thanks to all the volunteers who did a superb job of supporting the riders:
Jim Logan (Hallstead, Lewisburg)
Guy Harris (Course Sweep)
Dan Barbasch (Hallstead)
Ron Anderson (Lewisburg)
Gilbert Torres (Quakertown)
Christiane Torres (Quakertown)
... these events would not be possible without the volunteers who step up to help out.

Mary Gersema writes: "...Thank you so much for the epic adventure and the care you took in putting together this unforgettable ride. Seriously, my knees will never forget it!  Your cue sheet was very clear and we had no issues following it. The volunteers were EXCELLENT and helped facilitate our successful completion of the ride.  It's so motivating to know that while you are out on the course, there are people looking out for you, carrying you gear and supplies forward, and rooting for you.  From what I have seen of your events, you value a high completion rate, and that is evident in the support you provide and the hard work of your volunteers.  Helping out at this kind of event is very intense, and the volunteers can get as sleep-deprived as the riders.  My words cannot adequately express my appreciation for their time....I love our framed medals. Please thank your kids for putting those together. Thank you again for the wonderful ride..." 

Read Mary's Ride Report and be sure to Check out Mary's photo albums:

The other half of Mary's tandem team, Ed Felker, has also posted a ride report.

Christine Newman writes: "...I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to ride the EM 1000K Brevet. I am not sure either one of us actually believed I could finish in the allotted time but we both faked it pretty well!  The route itself was really beautiful. I usually find myself cursing you out at some point during most of your brevets but that didn't happen once this time. Maybe I was more mentally prepared. Or maybe it was because  "TRO" Cafferty was not included. The second day was my favorite and it is just amazing to me that such beautiful countryside exists relatively close to home. The bucolic scenery made the miles pass by quickly (well, relatively quickly; we know how slow I am ). The volunteers were wonderful. It was so nice to see a familiar and smiling face at the controles, in the middle of the night or the middle of nowhere. Guy, Jim, and Andrew were wonderful as were Ron and the volunteers at the overnight controles. At the first overnight, when I managed to deflate my tire instead of inflate it, the volunteers were knights in shining armor who pumped my tire for me. I am sure an immense amount of planning is involved in staging this event and I want you to know I greatly appreciate the effort you put into making the route scenic, safe and enjoyable. The controles are well thought out and the support is fantastic. I know how much you care about your riders and that is a very comforting thought in the middle of the night. And the rider tracking and blog updates were much appreciated by my family and friends. Thanks for believing in me and making my success possible! "

Bob Casciato
 writes: "...The amount of work and coordination it takes to host an event like this is huge and you and your team did a fantastic job.  I would be lying to say that I am not disappointed at how my event ended.  I know I made the right decision but it still hurts knowing you were properly prepared and feeling strong.  At the end of the day, there will be plenty more events and the most important thing for me is to get my arms around this issue.  I’m seeing my cardiologist today and hope I can begin that process. 
Again, I thank you for your incredible effort; without people like you we would not have our sport..."

Larry Midura writes: "...Just a quick thank you for your superb organizational efforts that went into making the 1000K brevet a success.  I enjoyed the climbing challenge of your route, and of course, the fellow riders. I did leave the hostel in the early am darkness to head back to New York, and as I was driving up Clymer Road near the hostel, I did encounter Mark Shanahan on his last grunt to the finish - he looked fine..."

Jim Logan
, has posted his photos .

And 2009 EM1240 participant, Jerry Phelps, writes: "...It’s been almost a year since I so ignominiously DNFd the Endless Mountains 1200km. Since then, I used that failure as motivation to ride more, do more challenging terrain, and push myself harder on rides. And it has paid off—this past weekend I did the Bicycle for Life 1000km here in NC. The group of five I was in on the entire course finished first in 58:13. Now of course, this ride had about 1/3 of the climbing as the PA 1000, but it was challenging in its own way with high heat on Friday and headwinds on Saturday for about 150 miles. I just wanted to thank you for kicking my ass last year, and giving me the motivation to get better and faster. And I’m serious about that—not being facetious at all. Hope to see you on a ride again someday..."

*** Update 9/29/10 ***
George Swain continues to make good progress with his recovery... the latest updates are posted here:

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quakertown Finish

Preliminary results have been posted at:
... please let me know of any corrections or other issues.  Results will be submitted to RUSA shortly, and then become final, pending ACP certification.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who did a superb job of supporting the riders:
Jim Logan (Hallstead, Lewisburg)
Guy Harris (Course Sweep)
Dan Barbasch (Hallstead)
Ron Anderson (Lewisburg)
Gilbert Torres (Quakertown)
Christiane Torres (Quakertown)
Andrew Mead (Brownstown Course Sweep)
... these events would not be possible without the volunteers who step up to help out.  

If you have any comments, ride reports, or pictures to share, please forward them to me, and I'll post them on the message board.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brownstown Update #1

The Brownstown controle was a hoppin' place this afternoon as riders on the EM1000k could smell the barn, Riders Don Jagel and Mike Lutz led the way, arriving at 13:22. Gary Dean and Larry Midura arrived next at 14:30 and found some nice-looking salads for lunch. Next was the threesome of Bob Bruce, Scott Gater, and Charlie Thomas at 15:40. The rest of the field rolled in around 16:00 and proceeded to set of for a big feed. As of 16:30, all but two riders had reached the Brownstown controle. All looked surprisingly fresh and were in good spirits.

A few photos are posted here.


Volunteer Andrew Mead reports that the first 2 riders: Don J. and Mike L., have reached Brownstown at 1:22 PM.  They're on track for a finish between 7-8 PM.


Guy Harris reports that all riders except Mark Sheehan have cleared Jonestown.  Don Jagel and Mike Lutz were the first riders through at 10 AM.  Mark was spotted about 5 miles out of Jonestown, and will probably arrive there around 1 PM.

Don J. & Mike L. will probably be arriving at Brownstown around 1 PM.  That puts them on track to arrive at the finish around 6:30 PM.  Mark S. is currently on track for a finish between midnight and 1 AM.

Lewisburg Update #1

The rider tracking (under links on the right) has been updated with the Lewisburg arrival/departure times.  Most of the riders arrived around midnight and were back on course between 4 and 4:30 AM.  Don Jagel is the first rider back out for day #3.

Up ahead is a jaunt down the Susquehanna River, a hop over 2nd Mountain and through the Swatara Gap into the Lancaster area.  After zig-zagging through the maze of Amish farms there, the riders will head into the French Creek area and cross the Schuylkill River as they head to the Quakertown finish.  Another great day of weather on tap, after a chilly start with temperatures in the 50F's and some early morning fog, clear and dry conditions are in the forecast for Lancaster.

Laurent Chambard did not reach the overnight controle. Instead of the nice bed we had waiting for him at the Country Inn & Suites, Laurent opted instead to camp out on the side of the road in the Bald Eagle state forest.  He has been picked by volunteer Ron Anderson, who will be shuttling him back to the finish.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Don Jagel is the first rider into the overnight controle at Lewisburg, arriving at 10:13PM.  Mike Lutz arrived a few minutes later.


Guy Harris reports that all 20 riders have reached Lamar as of 8:30 PM.  The last group of riders departing the controle there, is composed of Bill O., Vytas J., Ed & Mary on the tandem, Bob H., and Laurent C.  It looks like Laurent will be the last one back on course.  Up ahead, is the last major climb of the day into the Bald Eagle state forest.  After that, the riders can look forward to a 20-mile descent into Lewisburg, where the sleep controle awaits them.

Waterville Update #1

All 20 riders have cleared Waterville #12 by 5:30 PM -- everyone is on track to reach the Lewisburg overnight in good time (where volunteers Ron Anderson and Jim Logan have everything ready to go).  Volunteer Guy Harris is currently sweeping the course from Waterville to Lamar.


The first riders, Don Jagel and Mike Lutz have reached the 358 mile mark (Waterville #12) at 3:21 PM.  They have one major climb and several smaller grunts ahead, but the remaining 79 miles to the Lewisburg overnight controle has some easier terrain than what they've seen so far --  they're on pace to reach it around 9 PM.

The Last Call an RBA wants to get ...

... is the one about a rider going down.  Unfortunately, I got that call about 2 hours after the start on Thursday morning, informing me that George Swain was hit by a car.  I spoke to the police officer who investigated the accident, and he told me that the driver involved was being cited for careless driving (apparently for being distracted).  George was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries.  The doctors say he will be off his feet for 6-8 weeks, but they expect a complete and full recovery, which is good news.

I visited George again this afternoon, and he wants everyone to know that he is doing well, and to not to worry about him.  You can send any well wishes to St. Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem, PA.

*** Update 8/31 ***

George's wife, Jesse, is posting updates on George's recovery ... see this link for details:
 ... there is an area on the website, for you to leave a message -- I'm sure George would love to hear from you. 

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA


Volunteer Guy Harris has checked in from Towanda, and reports that all 20 riders have cleared the controle there.  Don Jagel was the first one through at 8:05AM, followed by Christine Newman at 8:58.  The majority of the field came through between 9 and 10 AM, and are making good progress towards the 2nd overnight controle in Lewisburg.  The last rider through, was Bill Olsen at 10:50 AM, just 10 minutes before closing time.

Hallstead Update #1

The rider tracking spreadsheet (under the links area on the right) has been updated with the arrival/departure times.  20 riders are back on course for day 2.  A total of 3 riders decided to withdraw after the overnight controle, and have all been picked up by personal transport.  Chris Nadovich arrived at Halstead with little time in the bank, and decided that it was unsafe to go further without sleep.  Robin Landis slept on his decision, and decided not to start day 2 either.


Don Jagel  was the second arrival at 9:15 PM and was in good spirits.
Ernst Landry was next at 10:10, arriving with an upset stomach  "... the hills a bit more than I expected..."

It was a busy night at the Hallstead overnight controle, with many of the riders arriving shortly after midnight.

All but two of the arrivals are now back on course for day 2.  The tandem team of Ed F. and Mary G. started rolling around 4:15 AM, and Bill Olsen was the last rider on the road at 5 AM.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Volunteer Guy Harris has checked in from Carbondale... as of 8:30 PM, 7 riders have cleared the controle including Bob Casciato, who has already reached the Hallstead overnight controle.  The remaining riders, Bob Bruce, Scott Gater, Don Jagel, Robin Landis, Ernest Landry, and Charles Thomas, are on track to arrive around 10:30 PM.

Guy reports that all other riders have been accounted for... he plans to wait there until the last rider arrives.

First arrival, Bob Casciato, had a great first day of riding but has prudently decided to withdraw at Hallstead, due to an old medical concern that has unexpectedly reoccurred today.  He has made arrangements to get picked up on Friday morning.


Volunteer Guy Harris has checked in  ... all riders have cleared Port Jervis (mile 120) and the last rider on course is Mark Sheehan: he was at Hawley (mile 160) at 7:30PM.  He's not far from a group of riders ahead that includes Bob Olsen, and Jon Clamp.  They're on pace to arrive at the Halstead overnight controle between 1AM and 2AM.

First riders should be arriving at Halstead about now.

Blairstown Update

Bob Casciato was the first rider through controle #4 at the 82 mile point in Blairstown at 9:15AM.  He's currently riding a 15.7MPH pace, which puts into the Hallstead overnight controle between 6 and 7 PM.  We believe Mark Sheehan is the last rider in the field, coming through at 11:30AM.  Mark has a projected arrival time at Hallstead between 12AM and 1AM.

Two riders, Bill Olsen and Charles Thomas did not initial the sign-in sheet at Blairstown.  However, Bill was spotted down the road by volunteer Jim Logan who's sweeping the course.

The riders are now headed to Port Jervis, where current weather conditions are 76F and very low humidity.  However, a 9 MPH northwest wind will be working against them as they ride along Rt 97 past Hawk's Nest.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

EM1000k Rider Updates

24 participants will be clipping in for the Endless Mountains 1000k this Thursday, August 26.  The event offers a scenic and challenging tour of northeast Pennsylvania.  "...The difficulty with these Pennsylvania climbs isn't that they continue for 20 miles; nothing on those roads stays the same for 20 mi. The grades are never constant, and there's usually a lot of up and down before you start going up for good. When you start really going up, it often gets extremely steep. But while they aren't that long, they are relentless, and the space in between big climbs is filled with little rollers, some of which are quite steep little kickers in their own right..."
-Emily O'Brien's 2008 PA1000k ride report:

Rider updates during the event will be posted at:

Rider arrivals to selected controles will be posted at:

Additional event info, including ride reports and photos of previous editions, is at:

After a summer in the northeast that can best be described as a **Blazing Inferno**, nearly ideal weather conditions are in the forecast for the next 3 days: the riders can look forward to dry conditions in the 70F's as they head into the scenic, but challenging terrain of northeast Pennsylvania.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

Monday, August 23, 2010

Controle Sign-in Sheets

At each of the controles (except for the info and post-card ones), there will be a sign-in sheet that looks like this:
The sign-in sheets will be posted at the check-out addition to getting your card stamped, it is important for all the riders to also initial and mark their arrival time on the sign-in sheets as well.  These sign-in sheets help us monitor rider progress and track down any lost riders.

The sign-in sheets will be given to the lead rider each day, as he departs the overnight controle stop.
At the overnight controles, there will be separate sign-in sheets for rider arrival time and departure time. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

EM1000k Volunteers

*** List of Volunteers ***
Tom Rosenbauer (610) 417-7161
Jim Logan 412-580-8575
Guy Harris (908) 528-6384
Dan Barbasch (607) 342-4564
Ron Anderson (609) 731-9894
Gilbert Torres (610) 203-0926
Christiane Torres (610) 203-0926

*** Wednesday 9/25 ***
- Hostel Start evening: Rider sign-in: Tom

*** Thursday 9/26 ***
- Hostel Start morning: Rider sign-in; rider meeting; event start: Tom
- Hostel Start morning: Collect drop bags; transfer supplies: Tom, Jim
- Sweep/Revitalement morning: Jim
- Sweep/Revitalement afternoon: Tom
- Sweep/Revitalement evening: Guy
- Hallstead Overnight Controle: Jim, Guy, Dan

*** Friday 9/27 ***
- Sweep/Revitalement afternoon: Guy
- Lewisburg Overnight Controle: Ron, Guy
- Transfer drop bags & supplies to Lewisburg: Jim

*** Saturday 9/28 ***
- Sweep/Revitalement afternoon: Guy
- Return drop bags to hostel: Ron
- Hostel Finish afternoon: Gilbert, Christiane
- Hostel Finish evening: Tom

*** Food/Supplies ***
- Hostel start: oatmeal, bagels, fruit, danish
- Hallstead dinner: Tom's meatless lasagna, meatballs
- Hallstead breakfast: provided by hotel
- Lewisburg dinner: Tom's pasta salad, pizza
- Lewisburg breakfast: provided by hotel
- Hostel finish: Gilbert & Christiane's meatless chili, bobili pizza

*** Overnight and Start/Finish Controles ***
- Pick up room keys, confirm early breakfast availability
- Large room/suite has been reserved for the volunteer room
- Transfer drop bags to volunteer room (use hotel's baggage cart)
- Setup of message board in lobby
- Use sign-in sheets to record both the arrival and departure time of riders:
- Hallstead has kitchen efficiency for cooking lasagna
- Lewisburg has mix of 2 double / 1 king beds + roll out and smoking/non-smoking
- Hotels may ask for actual room assignments (use marked up sign-in sheet)
- Hostel start/finish has very limited cell phone coverage: most cell phones do not work.  There is a remote hand set at the hostel that is available for our use (get this from the house parents: John or GerriAnn).  The hostel phone number is: (215) 536-8749

*** Other Notes ***
- Expenses: use PA Randonneurs debit card or get reimbursed
- Send rider updates to Tom's cell phone (text or voice) or e-mail
- Useful rider updates are the time/position of the first and last riders, and when all riders are in or out of the overnight controles.  This info will be posted on the message board, along with  projected time of arrivals of riders -- this will allow volunteers to adjust their schedules, as needed.
- Rider sign-in sheet is posted here:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

EM1000k Update #2

*** Cue sheet Update ***
The cuesheet and map/profile have been updated to Draft 5, dated 8/21/10.  Draft 5 has a couple of route changes and several corrections/clarifications.  This update is based on a recent scouting trip, and should be the final one that goes to press, unless any last minute problems or issues crop up.  The following highlights some of the important changes and scouting info.

Mile 23: The rough road, previously mentioned in update #1, has finally been paved -- so instead of ground-down pavement, you'll have a fresh ribbon of asphalt to ride on.

Mile 26: The cue sheet notes that this is now the last store for 27 miles (the one at mile 31 appears to be out of business).  You should plan to replenish your supplies here, if you need anything to tide you over until controle #3 at mile 53.

Mile 35: Minor route tweak to take advantage of better road markings.

Mile 48: This left turn, as noted on the cue sheet, is VERY easy to miss.  I've updated the spotting cues near this turn to help you avoid logging some bonus miles here. 

Mile 166-177: Reroute due to bridge construction.

Mile 233-243: Reroute around Binghamton (and it's many traffic lights and cross streets).  As noted on the cue sheet, you'll be joining the "Bike 2" route for several turns, which is marked with small traffic signs that have a bicycle icon on them.

Mile 256: Minor reroute to simplify navigation.

Controle 9: I've added the 'easy to miss' designation to where you need to stop for this post card controle.  The post office is at the end of a nondescript white building near a golf course, in a very small town.  Hopefully, the many spotting cues I've added near the controle, will prevent you from missing it.

Mile 264: Minor reroute to take advantage of better road markings.

Controle 10: This has been changed to a 24-hr Dunkin Donuts in Towanda (the toasted panini sandwiches are pretty good).  This is in place of the Sunoco mini mart that would've been closed for riders passing through very early. But most of you will probably be passing through after sunrise, and there are several diners in Towanda if you would like a more substantial breakfast.  Towanda will have the last services until the next controle stop in Canton.

Mile 299-316: Reroute to avoid poor road surface.  The original route was along a very scenic ridge, away from the main road that carries the main traffic through the area.  Unfortunately, the side road along the ridge is now in very bad shape with many potholes, ruts, and several road cuts that have been filled in with loose gravel.  A couple of these were at the bottom of some descents -- and one cut that was hidden in the shade seemed particularly hazardous to me.  The reroute keeps you on the main road that unfortunately will have much more traffic, but at least a decent shoulder and safer surface.

Mile 413: Road work is scheduled to begin on 8/23, with possible single lane conditions.  It did not appear that  there will be any detours associated with the road work.

Controle 18 has been changed to an untimed post card drop, since some riders may be passing through before the pizzeria opens at 11AM.  The pizza is actually pretty good, and would be a good lunch stop for riders passing through later in the day.

Mile 616: Reroute due to road construction.

In addition to the highlights listed above, several other minor corrections and clarifications have been made.

*** Message Board / Rider Tracking ****
Please be sure to check back on the message board at this link:
...for any last minute changes or announcements. This message board will also be updated with rider tracking info, if you have any friends or family who want to follow along during the event.

*** GPS ***
If you are looking for GPS files, you won't find them on the website.  However, some participants have offered to share their GPS data, and I can forward their contact info if you send me an e-mail.  Of course, the usual disclaimer applies that the cue sheet is the one and only official route and the GPS device is a supplemental aid to navigation -- if there is any discrepancies between the two, the cue sheet takes precedence. 

You may also find some painted "EM" markers on the road, from the EM1240k -- although the EM1240 and EM1000 share some common roads, you should not rely upon these for navigation. 

*** Other Notes ***
As you make your final preparations, please note the services that have been listed on the cuesheet. There are several long stretches with limited services -- be sure you replenish your supplies as you head out into these desolate areas, especially during the late evening and early morning hours, when many stores will be closed.  
With the large roster of riders and limited space in the SAG vehicle, please keep your drop bags as small and light as possible -- the 10x20" RUSA drop bag is an ideal size:

Please take a moment to review the posted safety instructions:

...and the posted bike inspection checklist:
And now would be a good time to make your plans for alternate transportation, if circumstances prevent you from finishing under your own power.

The long range weather forecast is looking very promising ... hopefully, that cold front will clear the area by Wednesday night.  Day 1 temperatures in the mid 70F's are in the forecast for Binghamton.  Overnight lows on Thursday night will be in the mid 50F's, but some of the valleys can get much chillier.  Friday is shaping up to be another dry, cool day.  It looks like a general warming trend will be starting on Saturday, with 90F's in the forecast by Sunday.

Drop me note if you have any questions or concerns, and hope everyone has a safe ride.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

Monday, August 16, 2010

EM1000k Update #1

The cuesheet and map/profile have been updated to Draft 4, dated 8/8/10.  The 2010 edition is very similar to the 2009 route, however there have been several route tweaks and additional controles added.  There might be some minor updates, pending a scouting checkout of the course.  The notes below highlight some of the changes, and will hopefull help you finalize your ride plan.

*** Start Controle ***
Sign-in, rider packets, and bike inspection will be available on Wednesday night at the start/finish controle: the Weisel Youth hostel in Quakertown.  For those of you staying at hotels instead of the hostel, I encourage you to swing by the hostel Wednesday night to sign-in, pick up your rider packet, and get your bike inspected.  The  hostel is in a remote area, and can be difficult to find.  There is ample parking to leave your car there for the duration of the event.  The parking lot is off to the right of the driveway, half way between the road entrance and the hostel.  Be sure to park your car on the gravel surface -- the grassy area is very soft, and if it rains, it's easy to get your car stuck if you park on the grass.  If you are staying at the hostel, you should strip your bed in the morning and leave it the way you found it.  Any personal items should be left in your car.  A hot breakfast will be served 1 hour before the start.

*** Drop Bags / Overnight Controles ***
A single drop bag will be collected at the start and transported to each overnight controle.  A tag for your drop bag will be in your rider packet.  Please keep the bags small.  The bags can be picked up at the volunteer room at the 2 overnight controles.  A message board in the lobby of the overnight hotels will direct you to the volunteer room, where you can pick up your bag when you arrive.  You should return the bag to the volunteer room when you are ready to leave.  The drop bags will be returned to the hostel Saturday afternoon.  Food will be available at the volunteer room, where you will also pick up your room key.  Riders will be paired up in rooms, based on arrival.  Arrangements have been made with the hotels, to have breakfast food available when you are ready to depart.

*** Course Notes ***
Day 1
- The early 4AM start should allow you to get through the Bethlehem urban area under the cover of darkness before rush hour.
- At mile 23, there is 2-3 mile section of road that has been ground down and is pretty rough to ride on. If you can hold a straight, steady line, there is a small ridable shoulder that is smoother.
- The first controle stop (#2 Little Gap) is an untimed, information type at mile 37. You may want to replenish your supplies before then at mile 31, which is the last store you'll see until controle #3 in Saylorsburg at mile 53.
- For the "Special Right" at mile 71, you'll be turning off the main road, going upon a short side walk, and then onto a pedestrian bridge which gets you across the Delaware River. The spotting cue has you looking for a mini mart where the bridge is located. The pedestrian bridge, by the way, was the site of the last covered bridge across the river. That covered bridge was swept away by the great flood of 1955, brought on by storms Connie and Diane (which dumped around 2 feet of rain in the Poconos within a couple of days of one another). The replacement bridge offers a classic view of the Delaware Water Gap to the north.

Day 2
- The first controle on day 2 (after the first overnight controle) is an untimed post card drop.  The first timed controle is #10 at Towanda, ~70 miles into day 2.  This will perhaps allow you stay a bit longer at the overnight controle.  The terrain after the overnight controle is a bit gentler, so you should be able to bank some time on the way to the Towanda.  If you leave the Hallstead overnight controle by 5AM, you have more than 6 hours to cover 70 miles (~11.5 MPH pace).
- Many riders found the many steep rollers after Canton (controle #11), one of the more challenging parts of the course.  The terrain becomes easier once you reach Liberty.

Day 3
- If you leave overnight controle #2 by 6AM, you have nearly 3 hours to cover ~26 miles to the next controle (~9.5 MPH pace).

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Endless Mountains 2010 Events - Update #1

With many randonneurs looking to improve their chances to get on the PBP roster in 2011, the 1000k brevets have been very popular this year. The last couple of available slots for the Endless Mountains 1000k are up for grabs.  Any registrations that arrive after the rider cap is reached will be placed on the waiting list.  Event information and registration is at:

This fall, the Endless Mountains Brevet Week will follow the EM1240k route over 6 days of riding, with an ACP 200k brevet each day. Your registration includes an overnight stay each day in an upscale hotel, along with a bag drop and breakfast.  This will be a great opportunity to experience the quiet back roads of northeastern Pennsylvania with the fall foliage in full color.  For those of you who have expressed an interest in this event but have not yet registered, there's just a few more weeks left before the early registration discount expires.  Event information and registration is at: