Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hallstead reporting: majority of riders are in

Albert Kong @ 22:57

Jim Logan @ 23:03

Dan Barbasch @ 23:03

Jerry Phelps @ 23:03

Judith Longley @ 23:03

Henrik Schroeder @ 23:03

Michael Anderson @ 23:10

Nicholas Bull @ 23:12

Kate Marshall and Victor Urvantsev @ 23:12 (They are on a tandem!)

Raymond Skinner @ 23:22

Hallstead reporting: two riders underway

Henrik Olsen left Hallstead at 20:05 and Jim Solanick enjoyed some of Tom's famous lasagna, departing Hallstead at 22:41. Tom informs me that the rider tracking has been updated. Check the link on the right bar or click here.

Hallstead reporting: many new arrivals

Mike Sturgill @ 20:30

John Fuoco and Dan Fuoco a little after 20:30

Dan Blumenfeld @ 20:57

Bill Beck @ 20:59

Craig Martek @ 21:06

Geoffrey Hastings @ 21:09

Jud Hand @ 21:09

John Fessenden @ 21:13

Guy Harris @ 21:23

Jim Solanick @ 21:23

Patrick Shank @ 21:25

Vincent Sikorski @ 21:40

Dan Clinkinbeard @ 21:40

Scott Gater @ 21:43

Jeff Bauer @ 21:55

Alan Gosart @ 21:55

Vincent Sikorski after a shower

Hallstead reporting: second group arrives

Micah Fritzinger @ 20:10

Martin Lavoie @ 20:10

Henrik Olsen has already left the overnight control at 20:05.

Hallstead reporting: First riders in at 19:22

Henrik Olsen @ 19:22

Rob Welsh @ 19:22

Christopher Gaughan @ 19:22

Randy Mouri @ 19:22

Greg Conderacci @ 19:22

Hallstead is ready!

Volunteers at the Hallstead control are waiting for the first riders to come in. It will be any moment now...

Coffee + Muffins + other good stuff

Dining room and drop bags

Volunteers ready to sign-in riders.

Photos from the Roebling bridge area at mile 132.5

Final sign in sheet from Barry, NY Controle 4

This is the last posting of the sign in sheet in Barry, NY. This sign in sheet shows what time each rider signed in. Some of the times are in 24 hour format and some are not so that makes it a bit confusing.

Photos from Barry, NY

Daniel Blumenfeld

I'm calling this video..."There is one in every crowd"

Updated sign in sheets from Barry NY

Rider sign in sheet at 2:35 p.m. (14:35 for those of you who are true randos.. :)

One hour and forty five minutes after the first five riders arrived in Barry, NY another twenty four have signed in. In the 15 minutes since I took the photo of the sign in sheet another seven riders have arrived at this check point.
Temperatures have been holding steady at 52 degrees this afternoon.

First Arrivals at controle 4, Barry NY

Greg Conderacci, Christopher Gaughan, Randy Mouri, Henrik Olsen and Michael Strurgill arrived in Barry, New York at 12:45 p.m. 128.4 miles completed. Just 625 miles to +/- completion.
Henrik Olsen is attempting the EM1240 as a last minute qualifier for RAAM. He experienced knee pain on the Shenandoah 1200K and is now trying an even tougher course.