Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Event Preparations: Update #3

The cuesheet has been updated to draft 3, dated 7/21/13.  There was one reroute for bridge construction, along with some minor corrections and clarifications.  This draft should be pretty close to being final, unless the volunteers marking the course find some other problems with the cuesheet or course.  Be sure to use the "refresh" button on your browser, to flush any older version of the cuesheet that might be cached on your computer.

The cuesheet is the official route for the course -- it should be your primary source of navigation.  But there are also supplemental aids to navigation in the form of course marking and GPS files.  Again, I want to stress that if there are any conflicts or discrepancies, the cuesheet is the final word on the course direction -- the course marking and GPS database are just supplemental aids to help you and should not be relied upon -- course marking can get paved over and GPS devices may send you astray.  And both the markings and GPS files can get out of sync with a last minute cuesheet change.   And more importantly, there are several areas, as indicated on the cuesheet, that alert you to taking extra caution for some road hazards you will encounter.

The course will be marked with a painted white "EM" and direction arrow, with marks generally before, at, and after each turn.  Currently, the course is about 75% marked, and we hope to have it 100% completed by the time you start.

A RideWithGPS database has been created by participant, Joel Lawrence and has been posted at:
I have confirmed that this GPS route, as displayed on the RideWithGPS website,  follows draft 3 of the cuesheet.  Joel has indicated that he plans to provide smaller segments of the route, which would allow for the practical limitations of downloading the route into your GPS device, if you plan to use one.  You may contact Joel at:
... if you have any questions or technical problems with the GPS database.

For those of you flying into Philadelphia airport, there is a busline from Philadephia that stops at the Quakertown Park and Ride, which is located right next to the start/finish hotel:

For those of you flying into Allentown (ABE) airport, a taxi service is probably your best option.  In order to perhaps share a ride with other participants who may be arriving at the same time, you can post a comment to this message to indicate your travel plans.  If you are arriving by car, you may park your car at the start/finish hotel for the duration of the event -- and it would be great if you could also pick up some participants arriving at ABE airport.

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  1. I plan to arrive ABE on Aug 6th in evening. Would be delighted to share ride.