Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello EM 1240K Riders, Friends and Family

I will be helping to share the adventure of the EM 1240K by taking photos and passing along the adventures of the riders I encounter during the course of the event. There will be at least as many stories as there are cyclists. So riders if you have the ability to email me a photo and a few lines of text during the ride please send it to and I will attempt to post as time (and my day job) permit.

I plan to drive around the course on Wednesday and then retreat to "mission control" and rely on the volunteer staff and rider contributions to keep the content flowing during the event.

All the Best,

George Metzler


  1. After such a noble effort to qualify, you've decided to watch?

  2. George, I am very sorry you won't be riding with us. I will be posting updates and photos on Facebook from my iphone, but I will try to send you a few emails as well. See you out there on Wedesday!

  3. Força Rogério, a galera randonneira aqui do RS e do Brasil está torcendo por ti.