Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blairstown (Controle #3)

Christine Newman reports that all riders have cleared the Blairstown controle.

Henrik Olsen and Rob Welsh were the first riders through at 9:24AM. They're keeping a 15MPH pace which would get them to Halstead just before 6PM. But ahead of them is the 3rd climb over the Appalachians on Millbrook Rd, as they head into the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area. And after that, the big climbs around Carbondale await them ... so a later arrival time is probably more realistic.

Vincent Muoneke and Michelle Dulieu were the last riders through at 10:46 and 11:04 AM -- they're keeping a very good pace of 11.8 MPH which gets them into Hallstead well before midnight, if they can sustain it.

Christine reports that the riders are going through a lot of water at the support stops -- this is a bit surprising, given the very cool weather. So we've decided to set up an additional revitalement controle on Raymondskill Falls near the Oppulent Outhouse:

Rick Carpenter checked in, to report that he made it safely back to the start/finish in Quakertown.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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