Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Danielsville (Controle #2)

Volunteer Christine Newman reports that all riders have cleared Controle #2 at Danielsville. The first riders came through in a large pack at 6:02 AM and the last 2 riders, Michele Dulieu and Vincent Muoneke arrived at 6:55. Vincent's bottom bracket appears to working better for now -- but any volunteers heading out on course today should pack some bottom bracket tools, if they have any.

The riders will then be headed up over their first Appalachian crossing of the day at Little Gap, where they will ride along a nice scenic valley road. They will then make the turn on Rt 191 for the challenging climb up to Fox Gap, where volunteer Matt Farrell will greet them at a secret controle at the top of the second crossing of the day.

Weather conditions are overcast, with temperatures in the mid 50's. Not quite cold enough for the riders to go for the hot chocolate and soup we offered at the controle.

Rick Carpenter has decided to withdraw at the Danielsville controle, so there are currently 47 riders on course.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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  1. There are several BB tools in my Craftsman toolbag in the "mothership" support van. I have tools to fit Octalink, the latest "outboard" bearing models, and lockring and pin spanners for use on old traditional BB's...

    Ron A.