Friday, August 17, 2012


*** Update 1 ***
Laurent reports that all riders have cleared Eldred as of 3PM, and the gap between the first (Bill) and last (Robin) riders is down to 20 minutes.  The estimated time of arrival of the first riders to the Halstead overnight controle is no sooner than 9:30 PM.

Laurent is now headed directly to Halstead, and expects to be there around 6PM.

*** Original Post ***
Laurent reports that as of 2:45P, 4 riders have arrived at the Eldred controle (mile 128) and Bill Olsen has already departed and limping away on his broken hub towards Carbondale.  Hopefully, the hub can hang in there until then -- volunteer Bill Fischer is en route to  the Carbondale controle with a wheel replacement.  Robin is the last rider on course, still working his way towards Eldre, after being delayed by a flat tire near Port Jervis.

The cloud cover has dissipated and temperatures are getting a bit warmer.  But it seems almost certain that at some point before the overnight controle, the riders will get a cool down in the form of an impressive looking line of rain, working it's way east from central PA.

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