Saturday, August 18, 2012

Halstead Overnight Controle

Overnight volunteer Dan Barbasch reports: "All five riders came in by 22:30, and are planning to get up at 2:45am and leave soon thereafter. I expect there will be quite a bit of food left over which will go on to the next sleepover controle.
There are blueberries, at least half a tray of lasagna, a bag of meatballs, bagels, assorted large bottles of cola, milk, orange juice, lots of bananas, cookies, the list goes on.

If all the riders leave this early, Laurent and I were thinking we could pack up and follow the riders  for a while thus saving Bill Fischer the ride back to Hallstead; he said he'd come back by 6am.
I could go all the way to Sayre, and exchange the bags with Bill there.  Bill's phone was turned off, I left a message.

But unless  we communicate with Bill Fischer, I will stay in Hallstead.

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