Friday, August 17, 2012

Port Jervis

*** Update 1 ***
I spoke to Bill Olsen, and he confirmed that he has a Campy 11-speed drivetrain.  He just needs a wheel with a Campy Record hub, and he can swap out the freewheel. Volunteer Bill Fischer checked in, and has a wheel Bill can use, and will be meeting him at the Carbondale controle.

*** Original Post ***
Laurent reports that all riders have cleared Port Jervis as of 1:15P.  Norman S. was the first to arrive at 12:30P.  Temperatures and humidity have steadily risen, but now some cloud cover should keep things manageable, as El Dred awaits them: the big climp up to Eldred, NY.  But first, the riders will be passing through Hawk's Nest, with it's spectacular scenic vistas.  Nigel Greene got a great shot of this on a recent event, posted here:

Laurent reports that Bill Olsen's rear wheel started to self-destruct on Old Mine Road -- apparently, the flange on the rear hub is ripping apart and he's lost 2 spokes.  We're not sure how much longer the rest of the hub is going to stay together.  Bill is known to carry all sorts of tools and spares, but I'm pretty sure that a rear hub is beyond what even Bill can handle on the road.  The bike shop in Port Jervis was not able to help him out either -- we're going to see if the volunteers scheduled for the Halstead overnight controle can help Bill out with a repair.

There's a line of showers approaching central PA, indicating the passage of the cold front headed towards the riders.

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