Saturday, August 18, 2012


Laurent reports that all riders have cleared the controle at Nichols by 7:15 AM, and were on track for the start of day 2.  For those of you following along with the SPOT GPS tracking, apparently the tracking function for some reason, shut itself off at the Halstead controle.  The tracking function has been turned on now, and it shows all the riders now making their way to Towanda, as they ride along the Susquehanna River.  This section along the NY southern tier is a respite from the challenging climbs the riders endured through the Endless Mountains region after Carbondale, and the heartbreak hills that await the riders later today after Canton.

Bill Olsen is now riding on a new rear wheel, compliments of the overnight crew at Halstead.


  1. Way to go Halstead crew! Gotta keep Willie rolling.

  2. Thanks for the updates... go riders!