Sunday, August 19, 2012


*** Update 2 ***
Keith Spangler has checked in from Jonestown, and reports that all riders have cleared the controle as of 1:15 PM.  The last 3 riders there said they are hoping to finish around midnight.  Current weather conditions are cool and overcast -- ideal cycling weather for the afternoon.  However, there is some rain south of the Mason Dixon line that forecasters are now saying has a chance of moving into Pennsylvania later in the day.

*** Update 1 ***
Keith forwarded me this note: "...Special thanks to Don Jagel for visiting the Jonestown controle to welcome the first two riders here.  Appreciate the help with the SPOT battery install. .."

*** Original Post ***
I just checked in with volunteer Keith Spangler, who is at the Jonestown controle (mile 508).  Greg and Andrea arrived there at 11:15 AM.  Keith has some fresh batteries to get Greg and Andrea's SPOT units back online.

The other riders are in Pine Grove, and appear to be making steady progress.

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