Thursday, October 1, 2009

Arrivals in Lamar & Canton Update

The first group of riders (after Henrik Olsen) are now arriving in Lamar, getting in just before 9:30PM. The group includes Micah Fritzinger, Christopher Gaughan, Randy Mouri and Greg Conceracci . The riders had a chilly ride with temperatures in the mid 40's for much of the day. But when the sun did poke through the cloud cover, Micah reports that it was actually quite pleasant.

Chris G. says that there was freezing rain or mabye snow on 154 "It hurt!". He also had a nearly-uncontrollable shimmy at 40 mph.

Greg C. says the course is way too flat, "Where are the hills?"

Randy M. also wants to know "Why is the course so flat???"

Volunteer Eric Keller has just checked in from Canton. He's picked up riders Henrique Caldas and Henrik Schroeder and is now headed back to Lamar. Michelle Dulieu, Judith Longley, and Joseph Maurer are the last riders on course and have just cleared Canton around 9:30PM -- this puts them right at the time limit.