Saturday, October 3, 2009

More Riders Through Middle Creek (Update #3)

Jeff Bauer @ 12:29
Dan Barbasch & Dan Clinkinbeard (both DNF) were keeping him company.

John Fuoco @ 13:15. Looking good
Craig Martek @ 13:25. Also looking good

Judson Hand @ 13:40. Looks like he's out for an afternoon ride.

John Fessenden and Scott Gater through Middle Creek @ 13:58. Fed, watered, and smiling.

Guy Harris & GeoffreyHastings @ 14:37.They stopped to cop a few rays about 1/2 mile before my location. They ate & drank, and are doing fine.

Jim Logan @ 14:47. He looked very well. Must have found second (or third) wind.

Larry Grabiak is here as of 15:07
Larry is with volunteer Andrew Mead, presently napping, with intent to withdraw

Mark Olsen, Bill Olsen, Henk Bouhuyzen & Albert Kong @ 15:28
Riding strong, smiling, laughing, and enjoying a great day.

Still waiting for the following:

1 Anderson, dep 1:35 (spotted @ mile 678 at 3:37 -- spinning nicely)


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  2. Randy has passed Henrik on the road. Henrik said Randy was looking good.

    Henrik's neck is giving him some problems, the tubes around his neck can only do so much and he recently had a flat. He has 22 miles to go,it is slow going but he says he will perservere.