Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back to Work Thursday morning

Vincent Muoneke soldiering onward Wednesday evening.

High everyone. I'm back at work in the office and will have to rely on riders for photos and news. I will however post some photos from the first day just to keep the blogsite updated. Last evening after closing out Controle #4 in Barry NY I drove to Carbondale "sweeping" the course.

Most riders were still pretty high in spirit Wednesday evening. Lots of enthusiastic thumbs up and even on some nastly climbs to Carbondale. The tandem duo of Victor and Kate was flying down the hills, as I approached them in my vehicle, I could hear the brakes complaining loudly as they had to come to a complete stop at a stop sign right at the bottom of the hill. (just before the road went straight back up of course)

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  1. Love seein' that SIR Blue represented so well out there!!! Way to go Vincent.