Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quakertown Finish

Rob Welsh and Micah Fritzenger arrived at 6:15PM (2nd & 3rd finishers)

Micah described the ride as epic. He is back out on the road, looking for Henrik

Vincent Muoneke just arrived @ 18:29. His comment: It was worth it!"

Bill Beck, Vincent Sikorski and Larry Grabiak have arrived.

Henrik Olsen has finished. Over the first 2 days of riding, Henrik put together an amazing ride, as he set a RAAM qualifier pace all the way to the 2nd over night controle, while many others were struggling just to make the time limit. But shortly after deciding to ride more moderately, "just for fun", Henrik needed to overcome major obstacles just to finish -- on top of the Shermer's neck he was suffering from, the following account was posted by OLSENS5:

"Henrik struggled through the last few miles. At around 10 miles out he developed a problem with his crank. A problem he could not fix with his tools. Other riders offered their assistance but the problem was not easily fixed with a road kit. When I spoke with him two miles from the finish line he was walking his bike along the side of the road, his neck in an inner tube sling too painful to turn, his muscles too weak to hold his head and waiting for any downhill slope to get back on and coast before walking again"

Additional pictures of finishers posted by volunteer Christine Newman:

Michael Anderson put in a heroic effort on the last day. He arrived at the 3rd overnight controle in Pine Grove with just 16 minutes to spare. After a short nap, he was back on the road again, with nearly 2 hours to make up on the time limit. He made it to the last controle before the finish with just minutes to spare. However, night was now upon him, and he ultimately lost his battle against the clock over the final 58 miles to the finish. He arrived in Quakertown 1:14 over the limit ... while not an official finisher, respect and admiration to Michael, for finishing his 775 mile ride -- well done!

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