Friday, October 2, 2009

Jo Hays Vista - Several riders through

Maile Neel has checked in from the Jo Hayes Vista secrete controle. She reports several riders have ridden through as of 12:30PM. After a couple of morning showers, the weather is improving with a flow of warmer air from the south. The riders appear to be in good spirits and seem to have made a good recovery from the hard riding yesterday.

The first group of riders (after Henrik Olsen) arrived at 9:30 and included
-Bill Beck
-Greg Conderacci
-Randy Mouri
-Rob Welsh
They are on pace to get to the Pine Grove overnight around midnight, probably about 3 hours after Henrik Olsen who is now projected for a 9PM arrival.

A large group of riders came through between 11:30AM and 12:30PM, and will probably get to Pine Grove around 3AM.

The last rider on course is Joseph Maurer. Steve Scheetz met up with Joseph in Centre Hall (mile 465 at 2:20PM). Joseph is riding close to the time limit, and needs to average 13 MPH over the next 52 miles to make it to Mt Union within the time limit.

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  1. From the Tennessee contingent ...

    Jeff Bauer: Good luck!

    Alan Gosart: Hope everything is okay!

    Maille Neel: Hello, and thanks for all the help!