Friday, October 2, 2009

Lamar: All Riders In

All riders have made it in to the Lamar over-night controle. Michelle Dulieu was the last rider in -- we were a bit concerned when we lost track of her of her somewhere on the descent into Lock Haven. But volunteer Steve Scheetz, found her napping on a picnic bench near Lock Haven and shuttled her in, safely to the hotel.

The volunteers did an amazing job of supporting the riders. The cold, wet weather, and terrain was a brutally tough combination for day 2 and certainly took it's toll on the riders. But the volunteers worked tirelessly through night to help make these extreme, epic conditions as safe as possible. Special thanks to the sweep teams of:
- Len Zadwodniak and Kyle Chu for manning the Waterville revitalement stop throughout the night, providing hot drinks and soup.
- Eric Keller for shuttling riders in from Canton.
- Steve Scheetz for tracking down the last riders and making sure they made it in safely.
And special thanks to the entire Lamar crew led by Ron & Barb Anderson.

Many of the volunteers are taking a long-overdue rest now. Maile Neel and Eric Keller are manning a secrete/revitalement controle at the Jo Hays Vista on Rt 26 near State College.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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