Thursday, October 1, 2009


From Craig Martek via Facebook, 10/1, 09:30 a.m.

"5-1/2 hours of rain and temps in 40's. Having a snack in Towanda.
About 180
miles to go today."

From George Metzler's warm office...

I think we all know brevet riders are a tough bunch, but to see the heroic effort up close touches your spirit. I followed the riders Wednesday evening into Carbondale and saw the stress and strain of hard riding in cold, overcast, and windy conditions. I saw Henk B. doubled over his handle bars trying to catch his breath 2/3 of the way up one of 40 rollers he had already completed but knowing 15 more lie in wait before the sleep stop.

Where does the desire come from? I think these events captivate us because they are difficult, because at any moment failure may come. Thursday morning, most cyclists began their day in darkness, rain, and low 40 degree temperatures with the prospect of worse weather later in the day. Why begin? Why suffer? If a rider can't answer that question correctly then time slows, doubt sets in, and the ride ends. Each day a rider answers these questions well, will take them one day closer to a successful conclusion.

Below is a proverb from the legendary Vincent Muoneke that makes a lot of sense on a windy day.

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