Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rider Updates - Day 2 (Hallstead to Lamar)

Henrik Olsen was the first rider back on course out of Hallstead at 8:05 PM Wednesday night. It appears that he reached the Dushore controle around 4:30AM and has slept at the nearby hotel. As of 12:30 PM, he had not checked into Canton.

Most of the other riders were back on course between 3 and 5 AM on Thursday.

The riders encountered chilly riding conditions in the early morning hours, with temperatures in the low to mid 40's and some rain showers passing through the Binghamton area. As they head south and west, weather conditions should improve -- current forecast for the Lamar overnight controle is for mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 60's by the afternoon.

Nick Bull has withdrawn at Towanda, due to a sore knee. Nick explains that the strength was there in the muscles but not in the joints. He has been picked up by Kim Fuoco and is enroute to Lamar -- where he will continue participation in the EM1240 as a volunteer.

Alan Gosart did not start day 2 -- he is getting picked up by personal support at the Hallstead controle.

Martin Lavoie withdrew at Binghamton. He was riding very strongly on the first day and was one of the early arrivals to the Hallstead overnight controle. He headed out around 4AM on Thursday but decided he was unprepared for the combination of rain showers and temperatures in the mid 40's. He has been picked up and is now back at the Quakertown start/finish.

Jerry Phelps did not start day 2. He is being transported to the Lamar overnight controle by Ron and Barb Anderson.

Glen Steen has withdrawn at the Sayre controle -- he is being picked up by personal support.

Michael Sturgill withdrew at Hallstead. Juan Salazar transported him to Binghamton where he plans to take a bus to NY city.

Bill and Mark Olsen passed through the Sayre controle around 10:30 AM. Michelle Dulieu and another rider were spotted near Sayre shortly afterwards. Judith Longley and Henrik Schroeder passed through Sayre around 11AM, and are probably the last riders on course. The tandem team of Victor Urvantsev and Kate Marshall were reluctant starters from Hallstead, but appear to be riding strongly with a group of riders that are ahead of the trailing group.

The rider tracking will be updated shortly with the Hallstead departure times.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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