Friday, October 2, 2009

Jo Hays Vista - All riders through

Maile Neel reports that all riders have cleared the Jo Hays Vista secret controle (mile 480).

A group of 4 riders came through around 1:15PM consisting of:
- Paul Donaldson
- Larry Grabiak
- Bill Olsen
- Mark Olsen
... they are riding well and making good time to the Mt Union controle 37 miles ahead.

Another group came through around 2:45PM consisting of:
- Michael Anderson
- Dan Barbasch
- Noel Howes
- Judith Longley
- Ray Skinner
... they also are riding strong and are on track to make the Mt Union controle within the time limit.

Joseph Maurer has withdrawn, and is being shuttled to the Mifflintown controle by Maile. Volunteer Janice Chernekoff is headed to Mifflintown to pick up Joseph there and transport him to the Pine Grove overnight controle. After resting at Pine Grove, Joseph is planning to ride in to the Quakertown finish.

Steve Scheetz is sweeping the course towards Mt Union and then on to Mifflintown. The 5 riders in the 2:45 group are the last ones on course.

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