Friday, August 9, 2013

Controle #10 Canton

The route to Canton follows a scenic ridge on a 16-mile segment.  The beautiful road on this ridge has recently been rebuilt, after being completely destroyed by gas-fracking trucks.  While this road was under construction, the EM1000k route had to instead use the valley road, that was very busy with lots of fast traffic.  Thankfully, the construction activity associated with putting in new gas well has abated over the past couple of years.

Many of the riders have already cleared this controle, and are well along the next segment that is one of the bigger challenges for day 2.  The profile below shows the position of the leading riders on this segment:
After a modest gradient to the base of this climb, the last 500ft of elevation gain will certainly get the attention of the riders.  But the more challenging and memorable part of this segment will be the 10 miles of  sharp 100ft rollers at the top of this ridge.  When the riders finally reach Liberty at mile 340, they are rewarded with a nice 14 mile descent along Blockhouse Rd that takes them to Little Pine Creek State Park.

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