Thursday, August 8, 2013

Controle #7 Hallstead Overnight (Update 1)

*** Update 1 ****
All riders made it safely to the overnight controle, and are back out on course for day two.  Special thanks to the Hallstead crew led by Dan Barbasch, in getting everyone checked in, fed, and back on their way after resting.  Everyone is still in the game, although the last three riders have some catching up to do on the time limit.  Up ahead, lies some kinder and gentler terrain along the NY southern tier, and the next stop is an untimed information controle, so these riders have a fighting chance of getting back on track.

Weather conditions are still damp and humid, with a few little rain spritzs in the area.  But it looks like the bulk of the heavy rain is behind the riders to the east, moving away -- at least for now.

*** Original Post ***
Several riders are safely in at the Hallstead overnight controle, with several more in the home stretch.  The overnight crew will be hopping the next couple of hours, with several riders expected to come in within an hour.  Most of the remaining riders should be in shortly after midnight, with the last 3 on track to arrive between 2 and 3 AM.

Anyone contemplating riding straight through the overnight, might think twice about that now, with some heavy rain all along the NY southern tier pouring down now.

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