Friday, August 9, 2013

Controle #9 Towanda (Update 2)

*** Update 2***
He made it!

Eric K.'s Track as he approaches Controle 9 in Towanda
Volunteer Jeffrey Butt was at the controle to stamp Eric's card at 11:39AM -- 1 minute to spare on the time limit!

*** Update 1***
Eric K. has 32 minutes to cover 5.7 miles ... he's closing the gap on the time limit ... go Eric!

*** Original Post ***
Many of the riders have already cleared the first timed controle of day 2 at Towanda.  Most the remaining riders are either at or near the controle, which is another Jim Dandy.  Eric K. is 12.4 miles out, and has exactly one hour left to cover that distance to stay within the time limit. Other than a modest little rise along the river, the terrain is mostly flat here.  He's now approaching the closed road segment, which we happen to have pictures of from an earlier scouting effort:
... once he get's around those construction barriers, he'll at least have the whole road to himself for several miles.

The front runners are well along the next segment and just arrived at the next controle in Canton.

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