Thursday, August 8, 2013

Controle #4 Port Jervis

Most of the riders have either cleared or are at the Port Jervis contole.  The main group of riders have made excellent time, and have several hours banked for the overnight controle already.  The front runners are setting an impressive 15 MPH pace so far, and are on track to arrive an the overnight controle before sundown if they can keep this up.  At the other end, there are couple of riders on pace despite delays due to some mechanicals -- but they'll need to pick it up a bit in order to get any rest in Halstead tonight.

Beyond Port Jervis, the riders can look forward to the scenic upper Delaware River, where Hawk's Nest provides some spectacular views:,_New_York

Weather, although sticky with very high dew points, is cooperating with plenty of cloud cover and no rain as of yet.

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