Saturday, August 10, 2013

Controle #13 Lewisburg Overnight (Update 1)

*** Update 1 ***
All 27 starters are still in the game, and have left Lewisburg to start day 3.  Today, the riders have a 300k loop that will pass through Mifflinburg and then head west along the Juniata River.  The turn around point is at Mt. Union, where the riders will then ride through Greenwood Furnace State Park towards State College and then back to the overnight controle at Lewisburg.

Today's challenge includes:
-some sharp rollers along the Juniata River (mile 500-533)
-Sugar Grove Road (mile 543)
-Jo Hayes Vista (mile 569)

But at the end of the day, the riders can look forward to that same 25-mile descent back into the Lewisburg overnight controle at mile 633.

With the passage of the cold front yesterday, all the humidity has been wrung out of the air, and the rider should enjoy some great weather with mostly sunny conditions.  Temperatues this morning are in the low 70F's and forecasted to rise to only the low 80F's this afternoon -- can't ask for much better than that in August!

*** Original Post ***
Volunteer Ron Anderson reports: "...All riders in and accounted for.  Last two arrived at 0437.  Riders beginning to depart at 5am...."

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