Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation

Words cannot begin to express, my gratitude and thanks for all the long hours and effort the volunteers put in over the 93 hours of the EM1240.  Without their help, it just wouldn't be possible to run an event like this.  And for several riders, the volunteers helped make the difference between finishing and not.

The EM1240k volunteer team consisted of:

Chris Nadovich ran the start/finish controle at Quakertown.  Chris is one of those ideal workers who with very little direction, can take the ball and just run with.  He got all the SPOT Trackers installed and checked out at the start, and was there at the end checking in all the riders.  His efficiency in getting riders signed in, picture taken, and fed was a joy to behold, and allowed me to finally relax a bit and meet with the finishers.

Dan Barbasch, one of my key volunteers, ran the first overnight controle at Hallstead, checking in riders and getting them fed.  Dan also helped out with the course marking, and helped assess the closed road near Towanda.  Dan actually thought the closed road was a bit dicey, and wanted to instead reroute the course along a mountainous detour.  I pushed back on this, since I thought we already had enough climbing.

Ron and Barbara Anderson have been key volunteers since the very first Endless Mountains 1000k back in 2007, and have been running the Lewisburg overnight controle for each edition of the EM1000k and EM1240k since then.  With two overnights at Lewisburg this time, it was a very long weekend for them this time around.

Chris Roth drove the baggage truck, and was one of the key volunteers working the event from start to finish.  In addition to providing continuity as other volunteers came and went, Chris also was the money man, making sure expenses got paid along the way. Chris also built the wooden stencils used for the course marking.

Len Zawodniak was another key volunteer who worked the event from beginning to end.  He manned controle 2 at Danielsville, and worked several other controles as well, as he swept the course each day.  He help save at least two rides, with equipment repairs.  Len is another one who instinctively knows where to be with water and just when the riders needed it the most.

DC Randonneurs president, Michael Wali helped run the start controle, checking in riders and getting pictures taken so all the other volunteers could associate a name with a face.  Michael also manned controle 3 at Blairstown, and helped out at the overnight controle

I consider myself extremely lucky to have Steve Hallett,  volunteer extraordinaire and a very familiar face to the riders in my neighboring NJ region.   I knew Steve was a meticulous worker, but he really floored me when he took the time to scout out the course ahead of time for the secret controle he signed up to run.  Riders met up with Steve at the top of Fox Gap, and I know many of them were happy to see Steve there with water and food, after that major climb.

Jeffrey Butt spent many hours manning controle 6 at the Duncan Donuts in Carbondale.

Hugo and Gloria Safar ran course sweep on day 3's loop out of Lewisburg.  Riders first saw them at the Mt Union controle.  And then later on, they manned the information controle at the Rebersburg monument.  With no stores open for miles around, the food and water they provided there was a welcome sight for many a rider.  It certainly was a very long day for them both, with the last riders passing through around 4AM.

Lane Giardina and John Fuoco were both course markers, and both helped out at the Lewisburg overnight contorle.  John is also a 2009 EM1240k finisher.  Lane is another DC Randonneur, who made the long trip up from there to help out.

Jud Hand and his wife Jill, ran the secret controle atop the Sugar Grove climb after Mt Union. They also helped out at the Lewisburg overnight with the morning shift.  Jud is also a 2009 EM1240k finisher, looking at the event from the other side this time.

Scott Franzen and Gilbert Torres both ran course sweep on day 4, checking in on tired riders.  Scott responded to Paul Smith's accident, and logged many extra miles shuttling bikes and riders around.

Dan Aaron and Susan Rodetis helped setup the Quakertown finish controlel and sign-in any early finishers.  But the front runners decided to sleep-in on day 4, so Dan and Susan didn't actually get to see any finishers this time.
Proof that Dan and Susan were there!
Compliments of Len Zawodniak

Keith Spangler was at the Quakertown finish taking pictures, posted here:

Several other volunteers also helped out with the course marking:
-Clair Beiler
-Jim Bondra
-Bill Fischer
-Mary Johnson
-Eric Keller (also a 2013 finisher)
-Paul Scearce

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