Monday, August 5, 2013

Event Preparations: Update #5

Cuesheet Draft 4 (8/2/13) is final and  has gone to press.  And in looking at the wet weather forecast for Thursday, it looks like it might be a good idea to laminate it.  An Excel file of draft 4 has also been posted on the event webpage:
... in case you want to reformat it to your liking.  But be sure to carry an official PDF one, just in case you inadvertently  mess it up (please note that there are many linked work sheets that are easy to break).

The course marking has been completed.  Special thanks to these volunteers for the many hours put into this big effort:
-Dan Barbasch
-Clair Beiler
-Jim Bondra
-Bill Fischer
-John Fuoco
-Lane Giardina
-Mary Johnson
-Eric Keller
-Chris Roth
-Paul Scearce

There is also a fantastic team of volunteers who you will be meeting at various stages of the event:

Registration sign-in will be in the lobby of the start/finish hotel (beginning on Wednesday evening)  where you can pick up your rider packet, which will include:
- brevet card
- cuesheet (draft 4)
- postcard for controle # 21
- tag for 1 drop bag
- SPOT Tracker quick reference card
- safety instructions
- EM jersey /clothing order form
Please keep your dropbag within the size and weight limits outlined on the event webpage.  And as mentioned before, there is a $50 discount on jersey orders of 2 or more, to help meet the minimum quantities.  There will be a couple of different sizes available for you to try on.

There will be volunteers on hand during sign-in to complete your bike inspection, and assist with your SPOT tracker, if you are renting one.  There will be a SPOT check at the start, to make sure your unit is working OK -- this will consist of you riding around the parking lot for ~15 minutes with your SPOT on and in tracking mode, and then verifying that you show up on the tracking website. The SPOT rider list is now up on the tracking website:
... if you go there now and zoom the map out to see the entire U.S.A., you can see a couple of the trackers already, as participants make there way to the start.

And just another important reminder: you should turn your SPOT off when you arrive at the overnight controle and then back on with tracking enabled when you leave.  The "on" button normally flashes green -- if it is flashing red, it means the batteries are low and need to be replaced.  There will be spare batteries carried in the baggage truck.

It is highly recommended that you rest at the planned overnight controles in Halstead and Lewisburg.  If you instead plan to ride straight through the overnight controles, please drop me a note to let me know what your plans are.

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