Thursday, August 8, 2013

Controle #5 Eldred

The front runners have cleared Eldred, with the +15 MPH holding firm.  That pace might not hold too much longer, with the climb up Mt Salem looming ahead. For now though, these front runners can enjoy more gentle gradients as they ride along the Lackawaxen river at they head toward Hawley.  The main field is strung out between Elded and Port Jervis, with 3 riders looking to still reach Port Jervis.

Some showers have formed just north of Port Jervis, but it seems like most of the riders have managed to avoid any significant rain so far.

With the fast pace the riders are maintaining, the SAG vehicle is now en-route to Halstead, about an hour ahead of schedule.


  1. I know that hills are not Vin Sikorski's strong point :)

  2. Hey Tom, What hapened to your regular updates?