Friday, August 9, 2013

Controle #8 Nichols (Update 1)

*** Update 1 ***
Eric K. has cleared the Nichols controle, and has just about 2 hours to cover the next 23 miles to stay within the time limit.

The front runners (Victor U., Kate M., and Peter H.) have already cleared the next controle at Towanda.  Most of the other riders are also either at or near the Towanda Jim Dandy market as well.

*** Original Post ***
Nearly all the riders have passed through the first stop of day two, which is an untimed information controle at a Jim Dandy Mini Market ("What is the price of regular gas?").  Jim Dandy is the central PA/NY equivalent of the Sheetz's and WaWa's found in eastern PA and NJ.  Two of the late starters (Paul S. and Luis V.) have caught up on the time limit and are back on track.  The last late starter (Eric K.) got an even later start, but is within 9 miles of the controle.  Eric needs to reach the Towanda controle by 11:40 to meet the time limit.  He'll have to maintain a 12.7 MPH pace to get there in time -- certainly within reach, but it's going to be very close.

The route to Towanda follows the Susquehanna River along some kinder and gentler terrain.  Current temperatures there are mid 70F's, with dewpoints in the upper 60F's.  Looks like the riders will stay dry for next several hours, but there is a huge band of rain in western PA headed their way.  However, the riders can look forward to some crisp and cool weather conditions once the frontal boundary associated with that rain band passes on through.

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