Saturday, August 10, 2013

Controle #14 Mifflintown

The first controle stop at Mifflintown, is by design, an untimed information controle ("What is the price of regular gas").  This gives the riders 2 controles to catch up on the time limit, if they got a late start from the overnight controle.
As of 11:30 AM, the rider are strung out over 100 miles:
Most of the riders have already cleared this controle at mile 494, and are tackling the sharp rollers along the Juniata River.  The front runners are approaching the western extent of today's loop, with the Sugar Grove climb just beyond that point.  The riders who got a late start are making good progress towards getting on track with the time limit.  They need to reach Mt Union at the 533-mile mark by 6:40 PM today.

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