Thursday, August 8, 2013

Controle #3 Blairstown

Most of the riders have already cleared controle #3 in Blairstown, where they are being greeted by volunteer Michael Wali.  From there, they will start their third and final crossing of the Appalachian Trail as they head into the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area.

Checking in with volunteer Steve Hallet, he reports that all riders have cleared the Fox Gap secret controle, atop Blue Mountain.  This is one of the tougher climbs today, but the highest point on course is yet to come, just outside of Carbondale at mile 189.

The cloud cover today is proving most beneficial for the riders in keeping temperatures in 70F's and also stabilizing the atmosphere to keep those thunderstorms in the forecast at bay.

The tracking issues with Jos and Luis have been resolved -- special thanks to Matthew Lee at Trackleaders for all his technical support.  And yes, that's the same Matthew Lee many of you may know as the  multiple winner of the Tour Divide

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